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Building More Muscle Using Supersets

Building muscles is not easy, and it takes effort and commitment. You have to observe the right diet and proper workouts. One of the best type of workouts for muscle building is supersets. These are two different exercises that you perform back-to-back and with minimal rest between them. However, it is crucial to note that supersets involve at least two muscle groups, for example, chest and back muscles.

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Advantage of Supersets in Building Muscle

Supersets are great for developing more muscles. Although there are magical advantages to some specific kinds of supersets, the biggest part of the benefits of these workouts comes from the way they enable one to do more exercise in a given period. At the same time, they allow the muscles enough time to rest. As such, you build more muscles doing supersets in an hour than you would do straight sets.

Tips for Building Muscle Using Supersets:

Below are some tips for using supersets to build muscle:

Use Supersets on Opposing Muscle Groups

doing tricep and bicepsPerforming two exercises, following each other, for the same muscle group, tends to restrict the amount of weight you can lift due to fatigue and accumulation of lactic acid. However, pairing together antagonistic or opposing muscle groups could help to maintain your strength since when one muscle is working, the other is resting. Due to this advantage, most strength coaches use this method as the superset of the first choice.

Some common examples of this superset of antagonistic muscle groups are pairing the chest with the back, biceps with the triceps, or hamstrings with quadriceps. It is also a superb method for creating better muscle balance.

Use Staggered Periods for Resting (Paired Sets)

It is vital to stick to rest periods of about 2-5 minutes rest periods for most of your exercises. It also holds when using supersets. It is not a good idea in supersets to jump from one workout to the next without rest and then get back to the first one. If you are not offering your optimal muscle rest, your performance will suffer.

The best way is to use paired sets instead of moving from one activity to the next; without any pause, you include shorter staggered periods to rest in between. This technique works best for abs and calves where you incorporate a set of calves or abs in between major muscle group’s straight sets. For instance, you could include a set of abs to be in between every chest set you do. So, you do not stay idle between the sets of chests but perform something productive, which is exercising your abs.

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