About Us….

OTT bioLIGHT SYSTEMS, inc. is the leading manufacturer of biologically beneficial therapeutic and environmental light products. Originally licensed to bring forth Dr. John Ott�s patented technology in 1987, OTT bioLIGHT SYSTEMS has since introduced new patented technology in its continuing vision of bringing healthy lighting to consumers.

Why we are the leaders:

We are responsive to the advances of scientific research with regard to light therapy and the ergonomics of light, and our products continually evolve to keep pace with the needs of our customers. Our vision, our products, our customer service, and our money-back guarantee are all in support of the highest quality products on the market today.

Why our products are superior:

Our light products are American-made with particular attention to quality, durability, state-of-the-art design, and added safety features.

Considerations were made to insure:

1. Our lightboxes are lightweight, with no compromise on their durability. They are also designed to esthetically blend into the home or workplace environment, and be portable enough to accompany the user to both.

2. Our lights�whether lightbox or fluorescent tube–are safety shielded against radiation found in all electrical devices, including lighting.

3. Our state-of-the-art electronic ballast eliminates flicker and hum and has the lowest rating for electrical interference.

4. Our lights do not generate enough heat to start a fire should one accidentally be tipped over. Likewise, it will not produce a tan or sunburn on the person sitting in front of it.

5. Our light products are highly effective, in terms of proper lux, energy efficiency, and safety.