What Our Customers Say . . .

“I use the light box myself whenever it gets overcast. I also turn it on, no matter what time of day–even if it’s midnight–when I’m using my computer.”
–Jordan Goetz, MD, former Department Head of Internal Medicine Vandenburg US Air Force Base, CA

“I noticed the positive effects of the full spectrum light unit almost immediately in that I don’t experience as many energy slumps as in the past nor are they as draining as before. I wouldn’t ever again want to work all day in any office unless I had direct access to full spectrum lighting.”
–Lynn Henriksen, Director Neurotechnologies Research Institute San Francisco, CA

“The radiation-shielded, full spectrum fluorescent lights were installed in July 1991. At first I was very skeptical about the initial request of installing a full spectrum light system, however, when the lights were installed I noticed within a brief period of time (approximately seven days) that the atmosphere was calmer at Riverside School. I feel the full spectrum lights are very beneficial and would like to have them installed in all of the classrooms.”
–Patricia W. DeOria, Director,
Riverside School Richmond, VA

“As users of your light systems in both our homes and throughout the Downing Institute, not only do I recommend this light for the computer user, but for anyone who works indoors.”
–John Downing OD, PhD, Director of Education Downing Institute,
San Francisco, CA

“I no longer suffer from depression. The WinterBright lightbox from Ott bioLightSystems, Inc., has helped me tremendously! Using it daily without fail, I’ve increased my productivity and I’m a much happier person!”
–Dr. Sharon Lintman, Topeka, KS

“I would recommend this lightbox to anyone and everyone who wants to feel better because I feel so strongly about it.”
–Kimberly A. Hertel, RN

“The lights were installed only in the Police Dispatch area due to redesign of our floor plan. The Fire Department portion of the room retained the standard fluorescent lights and the difference was dramatic. The employees doing data entry under the old lights complained of headaches and eyestrain, and after several days off some of them returned to work under the Ott bioLights in the police dispatching section of the room. When I inquired as to what they thought of the lights, they stated that they loved them and had thrown their aspirin bottles away.”
–Sgt. Barry A. Bales, City of Dayton Police Department, OH

“I am visually impaired and I love the lights because they allow me to read for longer periods of time.”
–Laura Dauphine, New York, NY

“I feel very happy. Got more energy and my immune system is stronger!”
–Walter Birke, Las Vegas, NV

“There are no windows in my corner office and in the first five months of 1989 I had used up all of my sick days earned during my previous ten years at the College. My medical doctor diagnosed depression as one of my medical problems which may have resulted from my adverse reaction to medication injected for my allergies, from exposure to the VDT’s and/or from lack of ultra-violet light. Two 4′ full spectrum Ott bioLightubes were installed over my work area with the approval of William Patterson College’s medical doctor. Since that time I have not missed any work days due to illness. I feel more optimistic and energetic working under these lights and I can spend many hours at my VDT without fatigue, many times working through my lunch hour to finish a project that is urgently needed. I am looking forward to the day when all of our public buildings are illuminated with Ott bioLights.”
–Hilda Zahn Spagna
Data Processing Analyst
William Patterson College of
New Jersey